Repicco is an Imaginative baroque chamber ensemble showing that many colours and expressions can be achieved with few instruments.

‘Repicco’ was formed by Kinga Ujszászi & Jadran Duncumb. They try to show that many colours & expressions can also be achieved with few instruments.

‘Repicco’ was formed  by the violinist Kinga Ujszászi and the lutenist Jadran Duncumb. Both of them are in demand as soloists and chamber musicians, playing with some of the leading European period ensembles and orchestras. As 'Repicco', they show that many colours and expressions can also be achieved with few instruments, while enjoying the musical freedom and flexibility this allows them. Passion, originality and a distinct flair for baroque music are the trademark qualities that distinguish the ensemble.

With ‘Repicco’ Kinga and Jadran focus on the diverse repertoire featuring the lute, theorbo or guitar and violin, creating fluid and varied programmes of both familiar and unfamiliar music.

Repicco were selected as finalists of the 2013 York Early Music Competition and as Ambronay EEEmerging Artists in 2015 they have won the EEEmerging Audience prize in the Ambronay Festival of the same year. The latter success has given them the chance to give recitals and workshops in Romania, Italy, France, Germany and Latvia and the UK in the past years.

Repicco's first CD, 'Assassini, Assassinati' was published by Ambronay Editions in 2017 and it has received high international praise.

The repicco is a strumming technique on the baroque guitar.


Photo by Bertrand Pichene

Photo by Bertrand Pichene